Women's Leaguge General Rules

General Rules:

All FIFA laws apply except some modifications by Burk Athletic Club indicated in the following:


The Adult Women’s soccer league is an Over 30 league; however each team may roster 2 players with a minimum age of 24.  


The Club will work to allow each team to play a home and an away game against each team in the league.  


Teams will play 8v8.  Each team will have 7 players and 1 goal keeper.


Teams will receive 3 points for a win and 1 point for the draw.  No points will be assessed to the losing team.


A minimum of 5 players must be on the field or the team forfeits and the opponent receives 3 points.  


No more than 2 under 30 players are allowed on a team.


Each game is 60 minutes long – two 30 minutes halves with one 3 minutes break.  No more than 2 minutes injury time is allowed but at the referees’ discretion play time might be extended.


No sliding tackle or playing the ball while lying, kneeling or crouching on the ground.  A yellow card will be given to the player except for an accidental sliding fall.  


A distance of five yards away from the ball is required for the defending team during a free kick.


There is No offsides


There shall be no guest players.  All Players must be registered with BAC to participate in the league.


Teams and the team manager are responsible for the proper treatment of the facility.  It is the responsibility of each team and manager to properly set up and take down the fields


League Format/Playoffs:



The top four teams will play the playoffs with the first team playing the fourth and the second team playing the third.  If the teams draw there will be two addition 5 minutes periods of play for a tie breaker.  If draw penalty kicks in accordance with FIFA rules will decide the final winner.


In the league format, the ranking of teams is determined as follows:


Greatest number of points obtained in all group matches;


Goal difference in all group matches;


Greatest number of goals scored in all group matches.


Awards:  After the tournament the following awards will be presented.



The Burke AC “Championship Perpetual CUP” will be given to the first place team MANAGER.  A team manager must win the cup three seasons to keep it for life otherwise it is the responsibility of the team manager and his players to return the CUPto Burke AC commissioner three weeks after the end of each season.    


BAC Gold medals will be given to the first place team members.


BAC Silver medals will be given to the second place team members.


A “Super Striker” award will be given to the player with the most goals in the league.


A “Fair Play” award will be given to one team manager with a team.


A league “MVP” award will be given to one player with an outstanding performance.

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