Coaches Corner

So you're just starting out...

Every day, hundreds of children are learning to play soccer on practice fields throughout Burke.  For some it is their first season.  Others have been playing for more than ten years.  The one constant in this process is that there is a soccer coach at the field.

There are approximately 120 parents volunteering every season to coach Burke AC teams.  These parents commit a tremendous amount of time to the players on their teams.

Burke AC appreciates all the energy these coaches bring to the community and we are committed to helping provide them with the training and resources they need to become the best soccer coach they can. 

Burke AC provides ongoing coaching education and encourage all of our coaches to participate.  Our Technical Director, Larry Paul, continues to create materials that help coaches plan practices, manage substitutions, and make the whole soccer experience fun for the players.  In addition, we have compiled links to articles and web sites that we believe are helpful.

Here is a good example of what you’ll find throughout the Coaches Corner and Parents Resources pages.

Paul Cooper shows you "How Not To Do It " here using Lines, Laps and Lectures.

Here’s a link to US Youth Soccer’s "HELP! I Volunteered to Coach...What do I do?"

footy4kids - How to manage soccer parents.