A pillar for development

Futsal is the only sport recognized by FIFA as being a real form of soccer with full International matches. It is the way that many of the most the most talented players in the world were introduced to the game. What does it develop? Technique, Technique, Techniqe. Click on the image below for an introduction.

Futsal is a game of finesse. It requires quick feet and quick thinking. Here is a short video from Falcao showing some of the advanced moves, takes you to YouTube. Here are the moves in actual game situations, takes you to YouTube.

Futsal is five a side soccer, four on the field and a goalkeeper. It’s played on a hard court with a special dead ball. (A search for Futsal balls will turn up a variety of different brands.)

The flair associated with Brazilian soccer is not developed by coaches in academys. It is not developed by specialized footskill training. It is developed in the streets and alleys by children discovering the game for themselves. (Click on Watch the video for a 30 minute video from Georgia Soccer comparing Brazilian and American player development philosophies.)

The major benefit of Futsal is that it is both an objective and a tool. Learning to play is an enjoyable end in itself. At the same time it helps players develop and refine their game for the big field.

Incorporating Futsal will require parents to rethink how children learn. The ideas of ’Working harder’ and "Always giving 110% effort’ are replaced by ’Hey, that’s a neat idea, give it a try.’ The emphasis on using defense, hustle and pressure, as major tools is reduced. The games are moved onto blacktops where children know you ’Don’t go to ground’ and the ball runs true for passing and dribbling. Patience, vision and creativity are rewarded.

Republic of Ireland Futsal.
Zidane in a gym. One of the worlds best playing Futsal in a pick-up game. Notice the relaxed pace, takes you to YouTube.

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