Soccer is all about scoring goals. Watch the video below for a real clinic.

 The Basics of Shooting

  1. Accuracy. The only shots that can count are the ones on target. Praise accuracy over everything else.
  2. Shoot quickly. More goals are lost because shots are not taken then you can imagine. Players must see and seize the moment, even the half chance.
  3. Goal scorers accept responsibility and can handle failure. It’s a numbers game and is a lot like a batting average. Three goals out of ten shots is pretty good. Goal scorers aren’t bothered by missing the last one, only getting the next chance.
  4. Great goal scorers just find a way. Scoring ugly is still scoring. It’s partly an innate talent.
  5. Over 60% of all goals are scored with only one touch, Takes you to YouTube. That explains the need for #2 and #4.

We looked at the basic mechanics of striking the ball, shooting, in the article on passing. The approach, the strike or contact, the follow through and timing. The following video clips have some nice pointers. Take the information and apply what you learn in some small-sided games like the Shooting Game. Remember, No Lines, No Lectures.

  1. The Instep Drive. US Youth Soccer. Takes you to YouTube.
  2. The Instep Drive. Pele, The Master and His Method. Takes you to YouTube.
  3. Shooting Tips with Chris Klein. Takes you to YouTube.
  4. Instep Drive, 8 balls in a line. Takes you to YouTube.
  5. Bending the ball. Takes you to YouTube.

Gerd Muller - An incomparable opportunist, the remarkable records set by Der Bomber still remain unchallenged. The Bayern Munich and West Germany striker scored 365 goals in 427 Bundesliga outings and 68 goals in 62 games for his country; milestones no other player is ever likely to equal. Click on the picture for a brief history.



 Paolo Rossi  - Some players control games, some are capable of outstanding pieces of skill, while others impose themselves through sheer physical strength. Paolo Rossi did not fit into any of these categories. He was quite simply a born scorer. Click on the picture for a brief history.