"Girls Lacrosse Taught, Coached and Played the Right Way"

Lacrosse is an awesome game.  One of the fastest growing sports, lacrosse originated with Native Americans in North America. Some say it started as far back as the 13th century.

We have brought girls lacrosse to Burke through an innovative program of clinics, camps, and spring league programs designed to introduce the game and develop skills for new and experienced players from grades K through 8.

The BAC girl’s lacrosse program was started in 2010. The program was initiated at the request of the community that BAC currently serves. It was established to provide a nurturing learning environment that provides fundamental learning opportunities to advance the girl’s youth lacrosse.


Since its inception in the fall of 2010 BAC girl’s lacrosse has provided fall and summer camps and clinics to those interested in learning more about the game of lacrosse. The BAC girl’s lacrosse program has the support of the Lake Braddock and Robinson High Schools Lacrosse programs.


BAC has provided three spring league seasons, 2011, 2012 and 2013.  In 2011 our spring league had three teams with 60 girls. In 2012 we grew to five teams with 93 girls playing in 50 games and tournaments. In 2013 we grew to six teams with 110 girls and played in over 60 games and tournaments.


Our entire BAC lacrosse program is overseen by Commissioner Tom Sullivan. Click on his name to send an e-mail.

Girl’s Lacrosse Steering Committee

  • Richard DeSomma (Girls Varsity Lacrosse coach, 2012 State Finalist, 2010 Northern Region Champions and State Semi-Finalist), Level I,II, III US Lacrosse certified 
  • Gary Morgan (Girls Varsity Lacrosse Goalie coach, youth, high school, club and former collegiate)
  • Tom Sullivan (Youth Coach and Coaches Director) Level I and II US Lacrosse certified 
  • Pete Duperrouzel (Youth Coach and High School Coach)
  • Matt Elrod (Youth Coach) Level I and II US Lacrosse certified 
  • Brian Rustia (Youth Coach) Level I US Lacrosse certified
  • Tim Prosser (Youth Coach and High School Coach) Level I and II US Lacrosse certified

Equipment Needed for Girl’s Lacrosse


Mouth guard - available at all sports stores. Follow directions as to how to mold to the mouth. Watch for not getting one too large for the mouth.


Stick - We recommend a DeBeers stick. The Impulse Pro 2 is adequate and not very expensive compared to others. You can see it on the DeBeers web site and on-line retailers. K through third graders should get an STX Lilly stick which matches their size.


Goggles:  STX 4 Sight youth $45 approx or the regular STX 4 sight $50 or DeBeers Vista $35.


Field Shoes - The Nike Land Shark is recommended if you have no field shoes at all. If you have soccer shoes you can use them


Most sports stores like Sports Authority and Dick’s are light on what they carry for girls lacrosse. We suggest a lacrosse store like Lax World in Burke Centre or an online retialer. 

Helpful Lacrosse Links

US Lacrosse                       www.uslacrosse.org/                                                                                                    

Parent Guide Lacrosse      www.uslacrosse.org/TopNav2Left/Parents/USLNationwideParentsGuide.aspx

Lax Power                          www.laxpower.com/                                                                                                          

Inside Lacrosse                  www.insidelacrosse.com/                                                                                                                                                                                                               Lax World                           www.laxworld.com/