Cost: Recreation (U4-U12) and SFL (U13 and above)

  • Early Registration - June 1-30 - $115
  • On Time Registration - July 1- 31 - $125
  • Late Registration -  Aug 1 - $150  (**There is no guaranteed placement on a team after Aug 1)

Additional Individual Costs:

  • BAC Uniform Kit - one time purchase, until they need the next size.  The kit can be purchased at Burke Sporting Goods or Online (click here for online ordering).  Uniform cost is $38.95 + tax.  The kit includes 2 jerseys (white and blue) and 2 pairs of socks. PLEASE NOTE:  WE WILL BE MOVING TO A NEW UNIFORM KIT STARTING FALL 2022.
  • Shin Guards
  • Cleats
  • Ball


  • Practices - start in early late August, early September
  • Games are scheduled for Sept. 10, 17, 24, Oct. 1, 15, 22, 19 & Nov 4
  • Picture day will be Oct. 22

Locations:  Practices and games are held at local school and park authority fields.



BAC’s Recreational Program

BAC’s Recreational program consists of co-ed, boys and girls youth leagues which are organized by age group (U04, U05, etc.) The Rec Program has two seasons per year, Fall and Spring. Players register by submitting an on-line completed registration form with proper fees.

BAC’s U13 through U19 play in the Suburban Friendship League (SFL) which is part of the Rec program. By competing against other local clubs in the older age groups, the increased pool of teams allows for a more competitive schedule. SFL handles the scheduling. BAC handles roster/player issues, coaches, and fees.

All-star teams are also formed from the players in the Rec Program and compete in local tournaments. For information about the BAC Rec Program, please email the Rec Commissioner.

For a list of contacts on specific issues, please visit the BAC Contacts page.

Million Goals Scored at Burke School

Million Goals Scored at Burke School

If you ask anyone of the 4 and 5 year olds playing festival games on Saturday morning they score thousands of goals during each of the 4 mini games they play.  The festival structure allows your BAC coaches and trainers to balance the competition.  As a result, the play is fast and frenzied and full of fun. Even more volunteers keep balls in play at all times. The games don't stop.  If a ball goes out of bounds magically there is a new ball on the field to run down and get into the net.  After a score there is only time for a brief cheer and no time to fret over being on the short end, as another ball is on the pitch.  BAC's young players are so focused on the balls appearing that they don't realize that they are learning and repetitively practicing field awareness, turning, dribbling, and ball striking.  Each week we are seeing less of the boot and run and toe kicks normally associated with mini-mite soccer and more up and down dribbling and down right shooting.  It is fun to watch a the "million goals" every Saturday. 

Concussion Education Requirements For Coaches, Parents and Players

Burke Athletic Club is committed to educating its coaches, volunteers, parents and players on the nature and risk of concussions, criteria for removal and return to play and risks of not reporting the injury and continuing to play.  BAC has adopted the following concussion education requirements for all its coaches, volunteers, parents and players.

COACHES & VOLUNTEERS:  Every coach and volunteer will complete the CDC Heads Up:  Concussion in Youth Sports online training.  Upon completion, the certificate will be submitted to the club.

PARENTS & PLAYERS: The club will provide each parent and player a Parent & Athlete Concussion Information Sheet.  Parents and players will be required to sign the second page, acknowledging receipt of such information.  These forms will be submitted to the club.