Million Goals Scored at Burke School

If you ask anyone of the 4 and 5 year olds playing festival games on Saturday morning they score thousands of goals during each of the 4 mini games they play.  The festival structure allows your BAC coaches and trainers to balance the competition.  As a result, the play is fast and frenzied and full of fun. Even more volunteers keep balls in play at all times. The games don't stop.  If a ball goes out of bounds magically there is a new ball on the field to run down and get into the net.  After a score there is only time for a brief cheer and no time to fret over being on the short end, as another ball is on the pitch.  BAC's young players are so focused on the balls appearing that they don't realize that they are learning and repetitively practicing field awareness, turning, dribbling, and ball striking.  Each week we are seeing less of the boot and run and toe kicks normally associated with mini-mite soccer and more up and down dribbling and down right shooting.  It is fun to watch a the "million goals" every Saturday.