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SFL Players (U13-U19/*2004-1998) Jersey Numbering System

The older age groups at Burke Athletic Club play with the Suburban Friendship League (SFL), which does not allow for duplicate jersey numbers on a team.  As players get older, age groups and teams could eventually merge and rosters will change.  In order to avoid numbering conflicts each season,  jersey numbers will now be managed by the club for the following age groups playing in this league;  U13 (2004), U14 (2003), U16 (2001 & 2002) and U19 (1998, 1999, & 2000).

Burke Athletic Club introduced a jersey numbering system when our new jerseys became available for purchase in the Fall of 2015.  Each age group now has a set range of numbers, but we would like players to have the option of choosing their number within the specified range.  Therefore, either the coaches or a club representative will contact each family for input on a jersey number, which will then be issued on a first come, first served basis.  Please respond as quickly as you can to the messages that are sent each pre-season and we’ll do our best to honor requests.  More than likely there will be some conflicts, so please be patient as we work through those.  If your child does not care about a jersey number, please respond in that manner and one will be assigned.  

A list of players with their assigned/chosen jersey number will be sent to Burke Sporting Goods.  When families go in to purchase their jerseys, Burke Sporting Goods will ask them their child’s age group and will refer to the master list for all players U13 (2004) and older.  If you do not respond to the jersey message that is sent, Burke Sporting Goods will not have a number assigned to your child and may not sell you a jersey.  Therefore, please make sure you respond as quickly as possible to our message; either with a number of your choice, which we will do our best to honor, or with the message that your child does not care to make a choice. 

Number Retention:   As a player moves into the U13 (2004) age group or as they first begin playing with BAC in the *SFL age groups, a jersey number will be assigned.  Burke Sporting Goods will have a master list to work with that will remain with a player until they are no longer eligible to play or they no longer wish to play soccer.  Many players take a season or two off at times and their assigned number will remain theirs for two seasons.  If that player is still not in the system by the close of on-time registration during that third season, their number will be re-used.  If they do end up returning after two seasons and the number has not been re-used, they can certainly still use their old jersey.  If it has, though, a new jersey will need to be purchased or the old jersey number modified at Burke Sporting Goods per the newly assigned number.

Passing Down Uniforms:  Families often pass down uniforms amongst siblings or to friends and that can certainly still be done, but please understand the number on the jersey will need to match that assigned to the player that is receiving the jersey.  Burke Sporting Goods has been very accommodating in the past with modifying jerseys and they are still willing to do this.  Of course, the jerseys will not look perfect, as completely covering a number means using a transparency to cover the old number and putting a new one on top of that.  Please understand  this will not look the same as purchasing a new jersey, but Burke Sporting Goods is kindly working with us in an effort to save people money and help us avoid having to purchase new jerseys to comply with the rules of SFL.                    

U12 (2005) and Younger:  These age groups have no restrictions on duplicate numbers per team and will not be  included in the above system at this time.  In many cases, players will be ready for a new jersey as they move into the U13 (2004) age group.  For those that would like to continue using their current jersey set as they move from U12 (2005) to U13 (2004), they will need to change to their assigned number before the start of the U13 (2004) season, and Burke Sporting Goods will work with you to modify the jersey.

Where to Purchase:  Burke Sporting Goods provides BAC’s uniforms.  They are located at 5616 Ox Road, Fairfax Station.  703-239-9000.


* The Suburban Friendship League (SFL) consists of age groups that are now referred to by birth year.  The first year of play with the Surburban Friendship League begins with U13, which is now referred to as the 2004 age group, or the 04's.  The SFL age groups are as follows:

1)  U13 (players born in 2004)

2)  U14 (players born in 2003)

3)  U16 (players born in 2001 or 2002)

4)  U19 (players born in 1998, 1999 or 2000)