Welcome to a new season of soccer!

We hope that this information will help the parents of our players better understand what the season will be like and what they can expect.


Our club is a community club and as such, relies on volunteer coaches to coach players, build teams, and interact with parents.  We are grateful every time a volunteer steps up to help but we also recognize that the club has a responsibility to every child to work to provide a safe and positive educational environment.


Coaching brings a great deal of satisfaction to a volunteer.  Like many activities that bring great satisfaction coaching requires volunteers to take on a great measure of responsibility.  The club invests in its volunteers with guidance, instruction, and a support network to ensure they are able to take on the responsibility of being a BAC community coach.  We strive to set our club’s execution of development and teaching the beautiful game above all other clubs.

All coaches are required to sign the Burke AC Coaches Code of Conduct. In short, it requires the coach not to be abusive to anyone on the field, not to use alcohol, drugs or tobacco products at any game or practice, not to use profanity, to abide by the rules and to take responsibility for themselves, the assistant coaches, the players, the parents, and other team fans. (You can review the entire Code of Conduct on our web site.)
Soccer uniforms can be purchased at Burke Sporting Goods. BSG is located in the Gold’s Gym shopping center next to the US Post Office across 123 from Burke Centre. The address is 5616 Ox Road Fairfax Station, Suite C. Their phone number is 703.239.9000 and the web site is: www.burkesports.com
Practices & Games
The location, day and time of practices are coordinated between the coach and the club. This is based on the coach’s schedule and space availability. Players should wear soccer/weather appropriate clothing and footwear and shin guards to all practices and games. Players are encouraged to bring water and a soccer ball as well.
The Club develops a comprehensive game schedule for all U4 through U12 teams. The team which is designated as the “Home” team for a game wears the blue uniform. The team designated as the “Away” team wears white.
The club has developed an inclement weather policy. You can review it here.
All of our fields are closed if there is thunder or lightning (regardless of any County notice or Club voicemail). Fields will remain closed for 30 minutes from the last indication of thunder or lightning.
Make up games are scheduled by the affected coaches and may occur during the week.
Parent Responsibilities
During the registration process, parents are required to review and check that they understand the Club’s Parent Code of Conduct. (http://www.burkeathleticclub.org/docs/forms/parentcoc.pdf)
Highlights from this document include:
·         Parents and spectators will act in a respectful manner to all coaches, refs, players, other parents and spectators;

·         Parents and spectators will not use alcohol, drugs or tobacco products on the fields during games or practices;

·         Parents and spectators will remain in the designated areas at each field and not use any noisemakers, etc.

·         Parents and spectators will leaving the coaching to the coach; and

·         Parents and spectators recognize that the Club reserves to right to suspend the parent or spectator’s individual privilege to watch the game or practice.
Player Responsibilities
Players are required to abide by the Player Code of Conduct. (http://www.burkeathleticclub.org/docs/forms/playercoc.pdf
Highlights include:
·         Showing respect for coaches, referees, parents, spectators, etc.;

·         Not using alcohol, drugs or tobacco at the fields; and

·         Not using any profanity and showing good sportsmanship