Fall Registration Dates and Fees


Base Fee

Early Registration    Save $10

On-time Registration

Late Registration   $25 Late fee

Very Late  Registration   $50 Late fee

Rec Soccer $115 Jun 1-30 July 1-31 Aug 1-31 After Sep 1
Adult Soccer $110 N/A June 4-Aug 9 Aug 10 N/A
Field Hockey $135 Jun 1-30 July 1-31 Aug 1-31 After Sep 1
FH Goalkeeper $180   Begins July 22 N/A N/A
Adult Field Hockey $35   Begins July 25 N/A N/A
LAX Clinics $85 Jun 1-30 July 1-31 Aug 1 N/A










Travel Soccer registration is by invitation. Travel Soccer is a year long committment, so players will only have to register once for the entire year.  The annual registration fee is $475.

Adult Soccer registration requires a password.  If you do not know your teams password, or are new to the league, please contact Jake at hagop@cox.net

Scholarship registration has changed.  There will no longer be a separate link for scholarship registration.  During the payment section, scholarship players will have the option to pay by scholarship.  Scholarship registration will not be approved until the needed paperwork is submitted.