Glory Days Dining For Dollars

Burke Athletic Club Dining for Dollars Fundraiser


WHAT:  A Great-Tasting Fundraising Event!

WHEN:  April 4th – 11th


WHERE:  Any Glory Days Grill Location


WHY:  When you dine in or get carry out at any Glory Days Grill, April 4-11, Glory Days will contribute 10% of the total food and beverages purchased to Burke Athletic Club.  Tell your friends, family and neighbors!  Simply ask your server or the takeout counter for the itemized copy of your guest check receipt (not the charge card receipt).


Receipts can be turned in any of the following ways:

· Drop off at Burke Sporting Goods during store hours or in the front door mail slot 24/7.

· Mail to Burke Sporting Goods, 5616 Ox Road, Suite C, Fairfax Station, VA. 22039

· Mail to BAC, PO Box 11311, Burke, VA. 22009

· Team managers or coaches may want to collect them and submit altogether.

Receipts dated April 4-11, can be turned in until May 1.