About Burke AC

Burke AC is a non-profit, charitable corporation devoted to promoting sports in the Burke, VA area. The members of Burke AC are amateur players.

BAC has approximately 2,000 registered players participating in a variety of sports.  The Club is committed to bringing sports opportunities to the community both through our own offerings as well as working with other organizations to support programs that provide sports to those who may not otherwise have the opportunity.

BAC Annual Meeting

BAC Annual Meeting Announcement

Due to restrictions on public gatherings due to Covid-19, Burke Athletic Club will hold its Annual Meeting virtually on Thursday, May 6, 7:00 pm. If you would like to attend, send an email to Carol at burkeathletic@gmail.com to receive the Zoom login information.

The election for 3 Directors will take place prior to the annual meeting.  Per club bylaws, voting must be held in person, therefore ballots can be turned in May 4, anytime between 1:00pm-7:30pm at the Thompson’s house, 6307 Buffie Ct., Burke, VA.  According to the BAC bylaws, a member is the immediate family of any participant who has registered with BAC and who has paid all current fees and membership dues..

 A Board Director is a voluntary, elected, non-paid position that determines Burke AC policy, elects officers, approves expenditures over pre-determined amounts, and addresses business that comes before the Board.

Board meetings are generally held every other month, however, more frequent meetings can occur depending upon the level of Board business.  Board members are expected to serve either at the officer level of the organization or as a Chairperson of the Clubs standing committees.   

Nomination Procedures and Candidate Profiles

An individual seeking to be nominated for a position as Director must submit a candidate profile to the BAC Board by Friday, April 16, 2021.

Candidate’s profiles will be posted online prior to the Annual Meeting.  Candidate profiles must be sent to burkeathletic@gmail.com by Friday, April 16.

Additional Information If you require any additional information, please send inquiries via email to burkeathletic@gmail.com

Candidate Profiles - 2021 Elections

Luanne O'Loughlin

  • Luanne has been the commissioner of BAC Field Hockey since its first season in the Spring of 2010. Her daughters played soccer, lacrosse, and field hockey with our programs, dating back to the early 2000s! When she's not on our fields or watching college field hockey, she can be found running Olio2go, an Italian specialty foods ecommerce business. 

Marbin Pineda

  • As a child I always wanted to play organized sports, but as the son of a single immigrant mom in Los Angeles, I didn’t have the opportunity. About 7 years ago when my son turned 4, BurkeAC presented me the opportunity to coach him rec soccer. For me, this was my chance to get involved in organized sports. It has been one of the best decisions of my life. I have learned so much, not only regards to soccer, but about allowing children to grow at their own pace.

    As a board member, I would like to represent the values the club has shown me as a positive organization within the community. To me, Burke Rec Soccer is at its best when the volunteer members not only contribute their time, but also their love of sport, community and family.  I hope to represent these values as a member of the board.

Tom Sullivan

  • I am running for re-election to the Board for a third consecutive term.  I have been involved with Burke Athletic Club since 2009, enrolling my oldest daughter in their inaugural Fall Lacrosse clinic.  I caught the BAC "bug" and became more and more involved in their programs, and progressed from sideline parent, to volunteer, assistant coach, head coach, and commissioner.  It has been wonderful and encouraging to see the growth of the Girls Lacrosse Program at BAC.  I have witnessed first-hand the positive benefits to the participants, parents and community in the programming that BAC puts on in all of their programs and hope to continue to support BAC at the Board level for another term.   I am a 20+ year resident of Burke and look forward to many more years in this wonderful community!  I appreciate the opportunity BAC members have given me to participate on the BAC Board.