Candidate Profiles 2023 Election

Hagop Avedissian

I have been an active member of the Burke Athletic Club since 2008.  My three children been part of the youth soccer program where they made a lot of friends and enjoyed playing soccer. Watching them play I wanted the same fun for the club’s parents and coaches. I started the adult mens’ league program and became it’s commissioner. In few seasons the adult league grew from 6 teams to 24 teams.  A one division league expanded to three divisions to accommodate the increasing number of teams and the different player levels of soccer. Through my years of volunteering in the club I assisted the coaches and also coached some of youth teams. 

For the past  6 years I have been serving as board member and recently became the clubs vice president. I would like to be nominated again this year to continue to help the club’s growth.

BAC Annual Meeting Announcement

Burke Athletic Club will hold its Annual Meeting on Wednesday, March 15, 7:00 pm at the Burke Centre Library 935 Freds Oak Rd, Burke, VA in Meeting Room 116..


Election of Directors:

The election for 2 Directors will take place at the annual meeting.  A Board Director is a voluntary, elected, non-paid position that determines Burke AC policy, elects officers, approves expenditures over pre-determined amounts, and addresses business that comes before the Board.

Board meeting are generally held every other month, however, more frequent meetings can occur depending upon the level of Board business.  Board members are expected to serve either at the officer level of the organization or as a Chairperson of the Clubs standing committees.   

Nomination Procedures and Candidate Profiles:

An individual seeking to be nominated for a position as Director must submit a candidate profile to the BAC Board by Wednesday, March 8, 2023.

Candidate’s profiles will be posted online prior to the Annual Meeting.  Candidate profiles must be forwarded to BAC via electronic mail at by March 8.


The Election:

The election of the Directors will take place at the Annual Meeting.  Ballots will only be distributed at the Annual Meeting and must be completed by members and submitted to election officials during the meeting.  The vote of the majority of those present, in person and voting at the meeting shall decide which candidate becomes a Director. Voter check-in will begin at 7:00pm.  All candidates will be given an opportunity to make a short presentation to the assembled membership.

According to the BAC bylaws, 'A member is the immediate family of any participant who has registered with BAC and who has paid all current fees and membership dues. The membership family is the member of BAC, not the player or players individually nor each member of the players family individually.

Additional Information: If you require any additional information, please send inquiries via email to

About Burke AC

Burke AC is a non-profit, charitable corporation devoted to promoting sports in the Burke, VA area. The members of Burke AC are amateur players.

BAC has approximately 2,000 registered players participating in a variety of sports.  The Club is committed to bringing sports opportunities to the community both through our own offerings as well as working with other organizations to support programs that provide sports to those who may not otherwise have the opportunity.