Concussion Education Requirements For Coaches, Parents and Players

Burke Athletic Club is committed to educating its coaches, volunteers, parents and players on the nature and risk of concussions, criteria for removal and return to play and risks of not reporting the injury and continuing to play.  BAC has adopted the following concussion education requirements for all its coaches, volunteers, parents and players.  

COACHES & VOLUNTEERS:  Every coach will complete the CDC Heads Up:  Concussion in Youth Sports online training.  Before completing the training, you will need to create an account.  For directions on how to create a free account with the CDC's online learning center, CLICK HERE.  Upon completion, the certificate should be submitted to the club at

PARENTS & PLAYERS: Every player and a parent or guardian of the player must acknowledge that they have read and understand the concussion information sheet.  Click on the link below to open the information sheet:

 BAC Parent & Athlete Concussion Information Sheet  

At the end of the sheet there are two boxes, one for the player and one for the parent or guardian.  Click on the box to fill out the form to acknowledge that you have read and understood the information sheet.  This needs to be done for both the player and a parent/guardian.