Tips for Parents

from the Virginia Youth Soccer Association

• Sportsmanship is important for kids to learn. Set a good example on the sidelines by offering positive encouragement and support.

• Weather can be unpredictable. Be prepared by bringing items such as sunscreen, rain jackets, and blankets (referees/league officials will determine whether or not a game should be called off due to poor weather conditions).

• Proper hydration is key to a good game. Be sure to bring plenty of water for kids to drink both before and after their practices and games. Healthy snacks like orange wedges, grapes and sports drinks are also good for replenishing nutrients after strenuous activity.

• Get to the soccer field early. Players need adequate time to warm up and stretch before practice or game time.

• Pay attention to what you kids are wearing. Before each game the referee will check each player for the following:

- Proper uniform

- Shoes

- Shin guards (must be the correct size)

- Jewelry and potentially dangerous metal objects, which must be removed (medical alert and religious jewelry are allowed if determined to be safe).